HW'Progress Wash & Water Recycling System

A number of years ago Panorama Coaches purchased a second-hand machine but recently determined that it would not fit their space or their needs.

As such they initially came to us in search of a drive thru bus wash machine to wash their fleet of 75 buses. However through the process of meeting and discussing options with our team they decided that a rollover machine would better suit their needs.

They decided to proceed with the Istobal HW’PROGRESS 4HWP 2 Brush Wash Machine. In addition to this we also extensively upgraded their existing water recycling system.

The HW’PROGRESS machine allows them to choose a number of different wash programs depending on the needs of the vehicle being washed, be it an intensive clean or just a quick wash, which can’t be done on a drive thru machine where speed is the only concern. It will wash a 14.5m long coach in anywhere from five to eight minutes depending on the wash program selected.

Client Panorama Bus Coaches
Location Diamond Creek, VIC
Details HW’EXPRESS Drive Thru Bus Wash & Water Recyling System