Complete Workshop with fit-out with Rollover Wash

Over the last few years Direct Freight Express (DFE) have been busy opening up numerous depots throughout the country. As such when it came to their new Dandenong VIC depot, they engaged Hartex to provide them with a suitable workshop to meet their needs.

Preferring to do as much as possible in-house means not only are they servicing their own fleet but also inspecting and washing them too.

The Istobal HW’PROGRESS 4HWP Automated Heavy Vehicle Wash was part of our offering. Enabling DFE to be able to keep their fleet clean was of high importance for two main reasons. Firstly a clean truck provides the right impression to not only their customers but to everyone who sees their fleet on the roads, it helps to cement their brand. Secondly a clean truck is also easier to service and maintain as dirt, grease and oil are common obstructions to being able to fully service a vehicle. This is particularly important to DFE earlier in the year installed two-hook Quickloc automated curtains on a number of its rigid vehicles.  Keeping the vehicles clean helps to ensure there’s no obstructions in the way of these curtains..

Our scope also included two fully fabricated drop in service pits, both 10 metres long. One of the bays is a dedicated inspection / diagnostic bay. It’s fitted out with a heavy duty roller brake tester and suspension shaker tester both of which are from the world renowned VLT (Van Leeuwen Test Systems) out of The Netherlands.

Client Direct Freight Express
Location Dandenong VIC
Details Complete Workshop & Automatic Wash Machine